The Double Baker (Kitchen Tent)

This the biggest of our range of Baker-style tents. Having created the one-man Baker tent, the family-size, and our biggest Land Rover tent, we felt there is still room for something bigger, a real monster.

The idea behind this tent is to create a space for outdoor cooking for campsites, forest schools and bushcraft companies, a tent that allows one to have two open fires under its double porch area, and still have gas rings, even a table and loads of storage room.

This tent can stay up for long periods of time and cater for a season long of camping, or it could also turn into an amazing market stall, with ample room for a small business to present their wares to the public.

It can also be used as a simple camping tent.

Like always, this tent is made in polycotton canvas with 12 oz flame, water and rot-proofing as the standard option. Colours available are khaki-green or matt sand, although we can make it in a variety of other colours, which are subject to larger orders currently, but if you feel like you want to be daring, ask us as we might have some bright colours in stock.

The poles of this tent are our usual hardwood ash, but this time there is a little more to the connectors than usual as these are made from welded stainless steel. Unlike the other tents in this series, the middle poles are a little higher to allow for shedding of rain’ without the need to bring in the poles.

Double Baker (Kitchen) Tent Specifications


* Tent: 12oz poly/cotton canvas, water, rot and fire proofed. Choice of colours. PVC flame proof base for the sleeping/storage compartment.

* Poles: Ash wood with stainless steel connectors



* wooden toggles for top and bottom closure

* the sides can be used to close the sleeping/storage compartment.

* optional separate closing panel for front or sleeping compartment available

* raised central poles for better rain shedding

* attachment points on the inside for hanging lanterns, separate mosquito nettings etc.

* waterproof canvas storage bags for tent and poles



* Height: 6.5′ (2 m). Width: 7′ (4 m). Depth: Porch 6.5′ (2 m) plus sleeping compartment another 6.5′ (2 m)

* Packed size: tent – 80 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm, poles – 130 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm

* Weight: tent – 30 kg, poles – 15 kg.



Complete set of tent and ash poles: £ 1048.00 plus postage. No VAT.

Tent without the poles (we provide instruction of how to make them): £ 820.00 plus postage. No VAT.

Optional Front closing panel (allows to close the porch area completely from all sides, or the sleeping compartment, while both sides are closed: £ 70.00. No VAT.

Please contact to order or use the paypal checkout below.


Double Baker (Kitchen) Tent

Here is a little movie showing some fireside cookery happening in the tent.

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