Canvas Tarps

There are countless uses for canvas tarps. Used for a wild outdoor trip, they are the most simple and versatile shelter one can imagine,  keep you dry, and allow you to have a small campfire, as small sparks don´t harm the canvas.

Also they can be covers for vehicles, wood logs, tools, garden shelters, market stalls…

Canvas tarps are stronger and much more durable compared to the standard tarps made from polyethylene, and they are breatheable. This is what makes them worth extra investment, if you are looking for a cover, that is made to last.

We only use the best canvas materials available, currently mostly 12 oz polycotton canvas and 11 oz ribstop canvas, water, rot and fireproof.

As attachment points we offer reinforced webbing loops or eyelets, or a combination of both, depending on your purpose.


All our tarps are made to order, so please contact us with your required measurements and purpose, we will give you a quote.

However, if the tarp you are looking for is not for a very specific purpose but meant to keep you dry in the woods, you might be looking for one of the sizes in the drop down menu, which are a selection of tarps which appear to be the most common ones.

Just have a look, if your tarp is not in the drop down menu, best draw a rough sketch with size, shape and attachment points, and send it in an email to

Canvas tarps

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