Wild Canvas Backpacks

The rugged feel of canvas, in contrast with the warmth of the leather straps with their shining metal buckles brings back the feeling of old, of home, of well being, but more than all, it brings the feeling of adventure: meeting the wilds.

Finally, here are our canvas and leather back packs, hand made by us in the UK, stitch by stitch, to endure the toughest conditions.

We have learned from experience that 12oz polycotton is the optimal fabric for packs, being light yet strong. This polycotton canvas is flame, water and rot-proofed especially for us in the UK. We do have other fabrics available if you are looking for something particular.  All the leather bits are sewn and riveted on, and buckles are brass roller ones.

Our range of packs includes The Bushcraft Packs, the Rough and Tough Sacks, the Canoe Packs and the Big Mama of packs: The Monster Pack.

As we make each pack to order, there is the great opportunity get a special pack which uniquely suits your needs.




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