Flax Canvas Water Bag

We are presenting another new design of an old idea: the flax canvas water bag.

The idea is amazing and works, a strong enough flax canvas does not only hold the water in without any proofing, so that you can actually drink from it.

And more: the evaporation of the bag in combination with wind keeps the water cool, this is why those water bags have been used when driving through the desert, hanging in front of the radiator, giving you cold water when desired.

Before use the flax wants to be soaked in water, as the fabric swells and gets more watertight.

Flax Water Bag, dry

Flax Water Bag, before it gets filled up with water



Flax Water Bag, filled

Flax Water Bag, filled with water

Flax Water Bag, open

Flax water bag, in action



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