The kitchen tent as an event kitchen

We just have finished helping Spirits Intent run a yurt making event in the Abruzzan in Italy, it was a good opportunity try our new Double Baker tent, The one we cal the Kitchen Tent.

We have rigged it up so it has one open fire and a few large gas rings, so we have the option of using both, sometimes the rainy weather also asked for having a fire just for warmth.

This set up worked great, it meant when you have to boil a pot of water quickly to put dinner for 15 on we used the gas, but when It came to grilling mushrooms we used the fire, it was fun, we set up a table at one of the side for vegetable chopping and to serve breakfasts on.

Large Baker Tent

making a fire in the Kitchen Tent

This tent is made using our Land rover tent sizing, but we double it up, as if we were to join two of those together to make one big space. this worked a treat, we had to bring the ridge pole inside, and had to design a welded connector system, but even that was simply done, we like the stainless steel welded connector quite a lot.

The middle poles are slightly higher to allow the rain to shed of, so unlike our smaller tents one does not need to actually tilt the poles to help with that, but in retrospect we needed make the middle pole slightly higher.


Large Baker Tent

Raised middle pole helps with the rain shedding

The large space that is created in this tent can sit 15 people around two fires, sleep 6-7 comfortably and thats not even going into the porch area, this tent would make a superb portable camp tent, a perfect tent for large expeditions where a communal space is needed, like always we think that it is not emphasised enough what a difference an open fire makes in a tent, and its not understood that even amongst the open fire tents available very few really allow the smoke to exit and making it comfortable for one to be around the fire, warm and dry even as the rain falls half a meter away.



Baker tent cooking

The pleasure of cooking in the kitchen tent



Big open fires and frying pan




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