Baker Tent mk 3


Baker Tent mk2

A Little while ago we came up with this Baker Tent / Campfire Tent in conjunction with Wynnchester Camp & Adventure.

An important feature we came up with is that the front poles needed to be made in two parts to allow the tent to be slanted either side for better rain shedding.

We now decided to make the long ridge pole in two sections as well so to allow for shorter pole lengths, so the baker tent can be taken a feild in even a small car.


Baker Tent mk3 stainless steel connectors

Note we started burning the ends of all poles so to stop any chance of rot in the ash bottoms, where they touch the ground and also in the connectors, we may in the future burn and polish the pole to a shine,

but not this time.


Baker Tent Poles And pegs

Here is the order as it is about to go out the door.

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