The Land Rover Tent

We are in the first stages of making our first Land Rover Tent.

Our Baker tent, which is the most durable in construction we have seen on the market (not that so many are available actually), was always made with the idea to couple it with a Land Rover. Our first model of the Baker Tent was a small two man Bushcraft tent which is too low for the Defender back, so we are making it bigger. The patterns were made following the dimensions we got from a good friend from Wynnchester Camp and Adventure who found them in a book by Bill Mason, the legendary naturalist, artist and canoeist. We now have decided to turn that into this-

landrover side on side open

Land Rover tent

This is a bigger version of our already existing Baker tent, coupled to a Land Rover Defender 110, made in such a way that the back of the vehicle can butt into the the opening, allowing for a fully adapatable camping tent for these awesome vehicles. It will hopefully work with a similar size truck.

We have found that the roof tents do not really meet the need of a total camping experience in that you can’t leave the tent in place and drive away. The Baker tent answers these needs and is a very easy tent to put up. The main attraction is that it allows one to have a sheltered fire and a snuggly bed space in one, which is truly unique in a tent.

More to come soon….

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