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The kitchen tent as an event kitchen

We just have finished helping Spirits Intent run a yurt making event in the Abruzzan in Italy, it was a good opportunity try our new Double Baker tent, The one we cal the Kitchen Tent. We have rigged it up so it has one open fire and a few large gas rings, so we have the […]

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The One Man Baker Tent

A few years ago, The owners of Spirits Intent decided its time to make use of their of cut piles, and so gave birth to this little company Wild Canvas, the first product they wanted to create is a tent to go with their defender land rover. A friend introduced us to the baker tents, before […]

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Baker Tent mk 3

A Little while ago we came up with this Baker Tent / Campfire Tent in conjunction with Wynnchester Camp & Adventure. An important feature we came up with is that the front poles needed to be made in two parts to allow the tent to be slanted either side for better rain shedding. We now decided […]

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Storm Tent

Here is an idea of our work… This shelter, from 18 oz cotton canvas with laminated ash poles connected with metal connectors, is a design developed for the guys from Storm Kettle, who are using this shelter for outdoor shows to keep themselves, the kettles and all their other gear dry. The yurt in the […]

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Here is the growing Wild Canvas Online Shop. Wild Canvas is a new brand – developed by Spirits Intent with years of specialized experience in custom canvas sewing. We make high quality handmade goods from heavy duty canvas – good looking old-style products that last a lifetime: tents, tarps, bags and covers for your equipment, […]

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