Here is the growing Wild Canvas Online Shop.

Wild Canvas is a new brand – developed by Spirits Intent with years of specialized experience in custom canvas sewing.

We make high quality handmade goods from heavy duty canvas – good looking old-style products that last a lifetime: tents, tarps, bags and covers for your equipment, and whatever is useful.

Wild Canvas is intending to open the door into different worlds of experience. For example on a trip into the wilds with our new Baker Tent or the Australian Swag, which has been developed in collaboration with Wynnchester Camp & Adventure.

You dreamed about something else – made from canvas – that you could not find out there? DonĀ“t wait to contact us.

In addition we offer Authentic Blades knives and scissors, because we love them. Like our canvas products, they are handmade, high quality and useful – handmade by traditional forges in a mountain village in North Vietnam. One needs to try them, they are just so surprisingly sharp and easy to sharpen.


Wild Canvas - Homebase

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